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Learn to Read the Hebrew Alphabet – Demo Videos

“At Home with Hebrew” is a Microsoft Windows-based “learn Hebrew” program that teaches you how to read the Hebrew alphabet in 13 lessons. After that, it goes beyond the basics to teach you basic grammar, vocabulary (such as the most 400 frequently used vocabulary words in the Hebrew Bible), and even some Hebrew songs and Jewish liturgy.

The above is not a single video, it is a YouTube “PlayList” consisting of 10 different videos. When you place the mouse over the video, you will see which video is playing. The number to the right of Playlist icon in the upper left corner indicates which video you are watching, and how many are in the playlist (for example, 1/10 means video 1 out of 10).

Using the Above YouTube Playlist

To select different videos from the playlist, click the the word “PLAYLIST” the icon to the left. Then a list of the 10 videos appears, with previews and titles. Scroll down and select the desired video and topic to see that video. Otherwise, the videos will play in sequence. Each video is about 3 to 7 minutes.

Below is a screen shot of where to click in the above Playlist.

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At Home with Hebrew – Benefits

The cover of the CD/ROM looks like this:
CD/ROM Jacket Cover

The text in the lower left corner says: “How sweet are thy words unto my taste! Yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth.” Psalm 119:103

The illustration is that the boy is “eating” and enjoying the Hebrew letters and the Word of God from the honeycomb.



13 Lessons that introduce each of the 22 letters and the vowels Beginners learn from the very beginning, one letter at a time. Get
better grades in your Hebrew class! Makes the first two weeks of your Hebrew class a
breeze, then continues to supplement a full semester Hebrew class.
Every word on every screen has spoken sound (over 2800 voice files). Hearing actual voice makes learning easier.
Hear, see, and learn favorite Jewish “chants” and blessings – Sh’ma Yisrael, Adon Olam, Kidush, Motzi, Shma V’Ahavta, Aaronic Benediction Understand what the Rabbi or Cantor is singing.
Home-Schooling Features

1) Suggested Lesson Plans
(120 hours of training materials)

2) Individualized Student Tracking and Progress Reports
Parents can design and track their children’s progress, or the self-study
student can design his own course of study to accomplish what he wants.
Immediate Voice Feedback! For any Hebrew word on the screen, click the left mouse button to get the English transliteration (pronunciation) and the right mouse button for the English
translation (meaning). Immediate Vowel-Chart and Consonant-Chart available from any screen. These features not available in any printed book!
Saves lots of time flipping back and forth through pages and to the Hebrew
Top 400 Vocabulary Words of the Hebrew Bible!
24 Lessons that each teach approximately 15 new Vocabulary words each (i.e. the most commonly used 400 words in the Bible). Each lesson includes approximately 20 “verse fragments” from the Bible so that you can see how the new vocabulary words are actually used in scripture. This alone accounts for about 200 pages of the program and approximately 600 “verse fragments”. Each verse was carefully selected because of its easy vocabulary and familiarity. Completing these lessons will give a student a good feel for Biblical Hebrew.
Learn the Bible in its intended language.

Learn the Bible while you learn Hebrew.
Hundreds of Alphabet Drills.
Many exercises that drill you on each new letter. Has over 800 online screen pages of information and interactive exercises. Includes exercises and visuals to help you distinguish look-alike letters. Practical progressive teaching method, starts slow for the very beginner.
Repetition is the key to learning,
but it is also progressive so you don’t get bored.
NO prior knowledge of Hebrew required ! If you already know some Hebrew, you can still use the program to learn cursive letters, Rashi letters, or work on
reading with vowels dots, or just use it to improve your Biblical Vocabulary. Or perhaps you just want to learn the chants and songs included with the program.
Beginners, children, and college students can all benefit.
6 Font Styles:
1) Book Style, 2) Cursive, 3)Hand-Printed,
4) Rashi, 5) Fancy (Ruth), 6) Ancient with an option to turn vowels ON and OFF.
Learn to read Rashi script, as used in Talmud and commentaries.Even
learn to read ancient Hebrew, and test yourself on the dead sea scrolls.

Learn cursive (hand-writing), so you can read a letter from an Israeli family member.

Learn to read without vowels (as a Torah scroll and Israeli signs and newspapers often
omit the vowels dots.).

LARGE LETTERS (many program print small hard to read
Reduce Eye Strain, Makes letter and vowel recognition easier
for the beginner.
Includes discussion of the hidden meaning and symbolism of each Hebrew letter. Learn the mystical side of Hebrew.
Includes commonly used ?synagogue words? and Jewish holiday phrases. If you’re new to a synagogue, you feel at home with these words in your head.
Now includes simple grammar section!
Learn how to use nouns, adjectives, and verbs and practice with short sentences in Modern Hebrew. Also learn numbers, days of the week, months of the year, and how to tell the time of day.
Program doesn’t bog you down with grammar rules, but teaches by example.

Prepare yourself for a trip to Israel.
Includes names of all the books of the Hebrew Bible and selected scriptures about the Hebrew language. Learn how Isaiah is really Yesh’yahu and what Daniel means in its original language.
Six Fun Games for Kids of All Ages!
1) Memory-match
2) Speed-Drill – enforce letter recognition skills
3) & 4) Teach the 12 Tribes,
5) Hebrew Phone – Practice Dialing a Spoken Phone Number,
6) Israeli Signs – help translate 21 actual signs from Israel after their
English words were painted over.
Lots of fun – for you and the kids.

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What is the value of this program? CD/ROM Jacket Cover
What if you bought all these programs
1. Hebrew Alphabet Program $50
2. Other programs that just teaching the
chanting symbols
3. Top 400 Biblical Words $50
4. Hebrew Games $29
5. Modern Hebrew $29
6. Learn Rashi Script $39.95 (Some actually sells a program for $39.95
that just teaches Rashi script).
7. Learn Cursive Script $19
Programs purchased separately $306.90
Your Cost for
“At Home With Hebrew”
Only $89
If for any reason you don’t like the program, just
send me a note explaining why,
and I will promptly refund your purchase price (less shipping charge).
No Risk!
60-day money back

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Operating Systems Supported

“At Home with Hebrew” is a Windows-based software tutorial. It runs on all known versions of Windows since Windows 7.

What if you have an Apple/Mac?
The program will NOT run directly on a Mac. However there are two popular program that emulate Windows on a MAC and some people have reported success (however, we don’t guarantee it will work and cannot support MACs):

  1. Apple’s Free “Bootcamp” software
  2. http://www.parallels.com/products/desktop/ (cost about $80)

Other related articles:

  1. The best way to run Windows on your Mac (MacWorld.com)
  2. 5 ways to run Windows Software on a Mac (HowToGeek.com)
  3. Mac Basics – Windows on a Mac (Apple.com)

What if you prefer to use smart phone, iPhone, iPad, or Android tablet?

Please see our newest web based version: HebrewGarden.com.  Our online version got hacked, and due to other work priorities, we have not had time to repair it.  The program is slightly different, it is a web-based monthly or annual subscription, and we can continue to update it dynamically without you having to re-install anything new. We will add more content as soon as we have a larger base members.

Delivery of At Home with Hebrew – Physical or Digital

You can get it two ways:
1) It is still sold on CD/ROM, but that might be discontinued in the future. The product is shipped to you, and the shipping charge is $9.
We normally ship via US Mail, so US Mail Address is needed.
2) Digital download – there is no shipping charge. You can download the product immediately after purchase.

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It’s like having your own personal Hebrew Tutor.

It is the best “”TEACHING HEBREW”” program I have found for my family in 2 years of looking. It will get much use.

Trenton, Michigan

Currently, I am serving another congregation. Our community is spread apart, and weather circumstances can often limit attendance. So there are many times when students cannot make it to Religious school. I am planning to have families utilize the program at home. I am sure the adults will benefit from the user-friendly format and educational approach. I am glad to have families learning together, as well. It helps to build good

Rabbi Micah
BK, New Hampshire

Happily, this is the second time I am ordering your CD-Rom program At Home with Hebrew. The first time I used the program was while I was a student rabbi serving a small congregation. I ordered the program for the Religious school. We had limited resources, however a computer was part of the school. The program helped facilitate learning and reinforcement of the Hebrew in a remarkable manner. The system is built with prayers and other elements of synagogue life that are essential, and so children from 3rd grade through sixth grade directly benefited. The inclusion of games and alternative educational approaches were wonderful.

I’ve only had the program for a day, but I’m very impressed with what you have done. The software is much more thorough that I originally thought, and I’m very pleased with it. I’m glad I purchased it.

Lubbock, Texas

This is the most fantastic thing I’ve ever seen! I am currently learning Hebrew, and have been searching desperately for something JUST like this! It’s perfect! I’ll have to remember to do my everyday work and not study and learn .. which is all the more fun! As a matter of fact, since the CD is required to run the program, I am about to order another one for our home computer! Thanks so much!

Falls Church, VA – who bought two – one for work and one for home!

Again, let me remind you that the process of conversion will be a long and difficult one, requiring a great deal of study. You will have to learn to read Hebrew, for one thing. (For an amazing page with many links to Hebrew pages, emails, and online classes, visit the Hebrew Resources website.
Web Page: http://www.beingjewish.com/conversion/becomingjewish.html

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