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Many people love this, because they can learn Hebrew “One Word At a Time”.

Some people call this an E-ZINE or EZINE (short for electronic magazine), because it is delivered to you via email.

Words will be a mix of modern and Biblical Hebrew. You will ideally receive email 3 times per week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Monday and Wednesday will contain a beginner, intermediate, and a word or phrase from the prayer book (sidur). If I get really busy, I may drop one of the weekly issues. Friday’s email will contain an explanation of several Hebrew words from the weekly Torah reading (Parashah).

Hebrew words will be transliterated (using English characters) – for example “SHALOM”
and will also be spelled out without vowels, eg. Shin Lamed Vav Mem-sofit (for Shalom).

Some of the older past issues are viewable in the discussion forum..

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TOPIC: B-Hebrew is and electronic conference designed to foster communication concerning the scholarly study of the Hebrew Bible. Anyone interested in Biblical Hebrew Studies is invited to subscribe, but the list will assume at least a working knowledge of Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic.

Once you subscribe, you can expect to receive 5 to 25 emails per day on various Hebrew topics, such as Oral Tradition, etymology, complex verb tenses, loan words, translation of specific passages, etc… This discussion group might be too intense for a beginner. Since this amounts to a large number of email messages, that you typically won’t have time to read every day, I suggest that you program you email program to store these messages in a special folder dedicated to this newsgroup.

My favorite was a message entitled: Dissertation: “Topics In Tiberian Biblical Hebrew Metrical Phonology and Prosodics”