TO DO??? Hebrew Kindergarten for iTunes – audio only – IPad/Android

Today, Jan 02, 2012, we have uploaded the first lesson of Hebrew Kindergarten to the online music stores, which includes: ITunes, Amazon MP3, Rhaposdy, Napster, eMusic, MediaNet, PureTracks, and Zune. (Still trying to figure out if Google Music is included).

The Artist is “hebrewrsources” and the Album name is “Hebrew Kindergarten Story 1 Language”, and should be found in a category similar to “Spoken Word”

This will open up the learning of Hebrew to users of smartphones, including the IPhone, Android, etc… as well as devices such as IPads and Tablets.

We will consider writing the software for these devices if sales of the audios justify it.

Link to iTunes: Hebrew Kindergarten on iTunes

Sample of tracks on iTunes: