1) Who Knows One? (Sung)

2) Who Knows One? – Words said slowly

Sorry – This product is no longer available, it’s a little late to ship this item by the night of the Seder, but you might want to get a jump on next year. Includes the 4 questions (Ma Nishtana), Avadim Hayinu, Dayeinu, Chad Gadya, and Eliyahu HaNavi. This is an audio CD made in Israel. (It does not contain the printed words.) Click here to view product catalog.

3) Adir Hu – Words and partial tune

If you like these Passover Songs, you might be interested in Jewish Liturgy all year round.
This book is well illustrated and covers all the basic prayers. The CD pronounces the prayers for you.

4) Items on the Seder Plate

5) The 10 Plagues

6) The 15 elements of the Seder

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