Shirei Ha-Shabbat MP3s


Free Audio MP3 Demos From Shirei Ha-Shabbat

Since you are considering buying “Shirei Ha-Shabbat”, please enjoy listening to some of the sound files. “Shirei Ha-Shabbat” consists of 17 Songs from Shabbat Liturgy. The sound tracks below, are from the audio portion. We hope you will find Shirei Ha-Shabbat simply irrestible.

NOTE: Shirei Ha-Shabbat uses the Audio and Visual approach to learning, incorporating different features which allows for the broadest spectrum of instruction. The program comes complete with one simple easy to install CD.


Shabbat Eve – Candle Blessing

Shabbat Eve – Lecha Dodi

Shabbat Morning – Psalm 92 – Tov LeHodot

Ending The Shabbat – Havdalah (Separation)