Shirei Ha-Shabbat

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Shirei Ha-Shabbat?!

“Songs of The Shabbat”

Multi-media Format to Easy Learning

17 Songs from traditional Jewish Liturgy have been combined into one program. You can now learn the basics of Liturgy from the Friday evening Qabbalat Shabbat service to the Shabbat morning Shachrit service to the close of the Shabbat with the Havdalah service. Later, plans to introduce other Songs from the Liturgy which will give you a fuller appreciation of the spiritual meaning of the Shabbat Day.

The format for Shirei Ha-Shabbat is multi-media: using Audio and Visual techniques with games, quizzes, and matching exercises to augment the learning experience.

Multi-media Features Will Have You Canting Liturgy

As mentioned above, Shirei Ha-Shabbat uses a multi-media approach to aid the instruction process. Each Song appears in Hebrew characters with the vowel points already activated. Also, we have incorporated different features to ensure that you learn the Song as it is ?canted? (or sung) by the Cantor.

One of these new features allows you to point your cursor at a Hebrew word and instantly a pop-up box appears with the transliterated pronunciation of the word with the English translation and its grammatical use. If you click on the word, you will hear the Hebrew pronunciation of the word, but this is not all?at the beginning of each line, you will find two buttons, one reveals an English translation of the line, the other one sings the line (in the voices of one of our cantors).

Also, we have developed a new function called Canted Song. This function allows you to hear the entire Song Canted in Hebrew in either the Ashkenazi or the Sephardi tradition.

One feature, called Auto-speak, allows you to hear the pronunciation of all the words of the Song, one-by-one, at various speed intervals. As you progress through the program, another feature will allow you to turn-off the vowel points for each story. This will give you practice reading Hebrew without the use of vowel points, which is very valuable, as most Hebrew publications are written without vowel points. All Israeli children start to learn to read without vowels by the third or fourth grade.

The key concept for learning Hebrew (or any language) in Shirei Ha-Shabbat is carefully timed Repetition. To re-enforce this concept, we have added games, quizzes, and matching exercises.

All of our features are geared around the audio-visual format. One of our games is loosely based on the old television game show ?Concentration.? The game is one of memory skill: the object is to find two occurrences of the same Hebrew word or the English translation of that word.

We use quizzes and good old-fashioned matching exercises to help you learn Hebrew. To make sure you are actually learning and not just memorizing the pattern of the presented material, the Shirei Ha-Shabbat program mixes the sequence of each question and answer: no two quizzes or matching exercises will be presented in the same sequence.

We recommend listening to the Songs to hear the Cantor sing the words. You may listen to any Song on the menu in any order. Ii it is better to listen and hear the Songs before seeing them and trying to read them. Listening/Speaking Hebrew is an entirely different skill set than reading Hebrew. Other than the above recommendations, feel free to skip around between the different exercises.

The “Hardware” Behind Shirei Ha-Shabbat

Shirei Ha-Shabbat uses the Audio and Visual approach to learning ? incorporating different features which allows for the broadest spectrum of instruction. The program comes complete with one simple easy to install CD.

Once the program is installed, please go to Start and then All Programs to find Shirei Ha-Shabbat link to check out our sub-links which are part of the program. These links include the Getting the Most PDF, the website link, a link to and the ?Kol HaShabbat? songs PDF page, and the link to launch the Shirei Ha-Shabbat program, plus more links.

The ?Getting the Most? PDF lets you know the best way to use the program so you can learn Shabbat Liturgy.

The link to our website,, allows you to do research. We not only sell products, but we provide Free information where you may learn more about Hebrew or Judaism in general. is a great source for modern Jewish and Jewish renewal music. We encourage you visit this website. We are currently bundling Dan Nichols CD ?Kol HaShabbat? (The Voice of Shabbat) with our software. You can listen to ?Kol HaShabbat? in the car, and learn beautiful modern and hip renditions of classic liturgy.

Heads Up on

Dan Nichols and Mason Cooper are the voices behind “Kol HaShabbat.” Together they from the core of the Jewish rock group “Eighteen.” Dan’s music has become an important part of the Reform Jewish movement, with synagogue youth and clergy alike incorporating it into their curriculum and services. Dan’s goal is to give “Jewish” music a modern “Rock” sound in order to reach Jewish youth and transmit to them the ancient spiritual heritage of Judaism.

Dan attended URJ (formerly UAHC) Goldman Union Camp in Indianapolis, IN for 10 years as a camper and since 1994 has returned yearly to facilitate as the camp?s artist-in-residence. For the past five years, Dan has served as artist-in-residence for High Holidays and
Madrichim retreats at Temple Shir Shalom in West Bloomfield, MI. For the past four years, Dan has been on the faculty for Hava NaShira, a national songleading program sponsored by the URJ, which serves over 180 rising song leaders throughout North America.

As we mentioned earlier, we are bundling “Kol HaShabbat” from “Eighteen” with “Shirei HaShabbat.” If you would like to know more about Dan Nichols, “Eighteen,” or, please click on the Heads Up link above.

Here are the 17 Songs from the “Kol HaShabbat” album by “Eighteen”:

Lecha Dodi

Pit’chu Li

Candle Blessing

Hinei Mah Tov

Tov L’hodot


Ma-ariv Aravim

Yotzeir Or


Mi Chamocha



Oseh Shalom




Eliyahu Hanavi

Here are just a few items included with the “Shirei HaShabbat” program:

17 Songs from Jewish Shabbat Services

For Anyone of Any Age – 5 to 105

Learn Traditional Ashkenazi and Sephardi Canting Styles

Learn to Cant the Basic Erev Shabbat Service

Learn to Cant the Basic Shachrit (Shabbat Morning) Service

Learn to Cant the Basic Havdalah Service



Matching Exercises

Pictorial Learning

Audio Learning

Interactive Learning

Mouse-Over any Hebrew word for instant pronunciation and transliteration

Recorded by 2 Cantors

Did We Mention – “Fun” – learning to Cant Shabbat Liturgy !

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Neal Walters and Jim Messler

Here’s What Some Of Our Customers Have To Say About “At Home With Hebrew.”

I purchased the ?At Home With Hebrew? to supplement a seminary class I was taking and found ?At Home With Hebrew? was an excellent resource that really made my learning go a lot easier as I matched it with the materials that were provided in seminary. Thanks Neal for a great product!
– Chris K. ?

I have LOVED ‘At Home With Hebrew’. My children and I are using it to learn Lashon Hakodesh (The Holy Language). It has been a great blessing to us. Thank you for making it available. We were so excited recently while watching an episode of ‘Little House on the Prairie ‘ when Nellie’s father-in-law recited the blessing in Ivreet, we understood what he was saying, all because of your program. We are really learning with it.
– The Damas Family ?

My job requires that I travel frequently, I bid to get Saturdays off so I can attend shul, but I am not always successful in doing so. We have Hebrew classes offered during the week but I am usually out of town working at that time so as to worship with the congregation on Saturdays. I purchased the “At Home with Hebrew? class after searching for it on the web, it is interactive and well designed, perfect for people in a situation like my own that makes regular attendance at Hebrew classes during the week difficult. A good feature is you can always review whatever you like when it is convenient. I am pleased with the purchase I made.
– George S. ?

I am very impressed with “At Home with Hebrew”. I’ve tried software programs in the past and found they avoided use of the character set, relying primarily on transliterations. “At Home with Hebrew” uses the Hebrew alphabet from the start, using transliterations only as an additional aid to reading and speaking using the Hebrew alphabet. I enjoy and look forward to my daily studies in “At Home with Hebrew”.
– Ron A. ?

I really do like the product and use it with my two kids. I looked at the software for over a year before I finally made up my mind. Keep up the good work!
– Mike P. ?

I?m extremely happy with ?At Home With Hebrew!? It?s easy to navigate and easy on the eyes, and it?s ready to go whenever I?m ready to learn; so, thank you very much.
– Victoria L. ?

I would highly recommend studying Hebrew in this fashion to ANYONE who wishes to go deeper in the word of God and gain intimacy with our Lord. Knowing Hebrew opens insight and understanding like never before to the scriptures. We must never forget that treasure is never on the surface, but is hidden and we must dig and search it out, when it is found, it is truly a treasure. This is what knowing the Hebrew language does for an individual. This is a wonderful teaching for small groups, individuals, Sunday school, bible studies, youth groups, the possibilities are ENDLESS!! It is a beautiful and poetic language that is the language of God himself. What a wonderful treasure!!
– Tammy H. ?

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