At Home with Hebrew Windows Software – Teaches one to read the Hebrew alphabet from the very beginning. Includes a variety of additional resources for building vocabulary, learning basic grammar, and exposure to some Hebrew songs, liturgy, and cantillation.
Hebrew Garden The 2013 revision of “At Home with Hebrew” – designed as a web-based membership site; accessible on any smart-phone, tablet such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android, Toshiba, etc…
Hebrew Kindergarten Windows Software – Takes up where At Home with Hebrew and Hebrew Garden takes off. Teaches you to read real Hebrew sentences, stories, and g begins practical everyday grammar. Stories designed to be of interest to children. But my idea is that we all need to go back to “kindergarten” and start at the beginning when learning a new language.
Top 400 Words of the Hebrew Bible (Audio Only) Listen to this on your smart-phone, iPod, MP3 Player, or while limited supplies last – your CD player.