STAM (Acronym for: Sefirot, Tefilin, and Mezuzot)

STAM stands for “Sifrei Torah, Tefillin, and Mezuzot” – in other words a scribe who writes Torah Scrolls, Tefillin (phylacteries), and the Mezuzot that are put on the doorposts.
example pictures of Sefirot (scrolls), Tefilin, and Mezuzot
(image from above site – please go there to learn more).
Example of a Mezuzah scroll written in Hebrew text by a scribe (STAM)

A “Mezuzah” is often considered the box placed on the “doorpost” of a house. In actuality, the “Mezuzah” is the scroll inside the “Mezuzah case”.

Also called a “SOFER”, who goes to school to learn the art and science of writing the letters required for important Jewish documents. Just like a MOHEL (man who does circumcision), or the SHOCHET (the ritual animal/meet slaughterer) has special training, so does the SOFER.


Video: Stam Hebrew Letters

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